Good bookkeeping is the foundation of good business.

At Farda Accountants, we understand the importance of excellent bookkeeping. Not only is it vital for the healthy running of your business, it might also save you money (accountants generally charge more if your books are kept badly) – so it makes both common and fiscal sense to get your bookkeeping right first time.

And while some companies can only provide bookkeeping services remotely, we can also provide you with an onsite bookkeeper to embed into your own team. This means you get the benefit of a professional in your own premise, without going through the hassle of a recruitment agency or hiring someone full time. Instead, you can focus on what’s most important to you – the success of your business.

We use our software and resources to regularly build, maintain and report on your Financial position in a timely fashion, making sure you meet deadlines. Our team manage all your bookkeeping, and then produce your Accounts and pass them back to you, for discussion, allowing you a hassle-free way of keeping on top of your bookkeeping. You can send us your records via a cloud based facility such as Dropbox, E-mail or post.

All our bookkeepers are qualified, professional and experienced.
The team at Farda Accountants have worked in Practice and Industry and have a huge range of knowledge, from the smallest one-man bands to multi-million pound Organisations.

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