Accounting and internal auditing activities

Keeping your accounts accurate and up to date is essential for everyone whether you are running a large business or just an individual. Accurate accounts must be kept if you want to look back on performance or look forward and make projections into the future. Going into detail into what is happening now can highlight potential problem areas before they cause too much harm. It can also show up areas in which your business is excelling, helping you avoid missing out on financial opportunities.

Farda Accountants understand the importance of good bookkeeping and help our clients keep accurate records. Knowing your current situation in detail provides the foundation on which you can make informed decisions. Our service however goes far further than just good bookkeeping, we work with you to make sure you meet the targets you set. We find out what outcomes are important to you, tell you how you can get there and then monitor your progress.

Our goal is to help you grow your finances and we have the expertise to do so. We become a part of your management team going in-depth into what you want and how you can achieve it. We keep an objective standpoint throughout and always give you the best advice possible. Whatever your size, we have experience in managing accounts like yours. We ensure that you are made aware of all the options open to you and how they will affect your accounts.

When we review your accounts, for example at the end of each financial year we review all the actions taken, the results experienced and future options available to you. We help you interpret this information and make informed decisions for the year ahead. If there are any changes in the law or anything else that alters the landscape, we are flexible enough to deal with it and make sure you still retain the strongest financial position possible.

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